Why We Chose a 3 Month Engagement

So many people have asked us, 'Why such a short engagement?' and it gets me giddy every time because this was something Ben and I were so adamant about. We had always talked about having a super short engagement and for those of you that don't know, we dated for almost 10 years before getting married so we were so ready to finally start this next chapter of our lives together. Around the area that we live in, short engagements aren't common, and with so many people still asking us I thought I would just put all of the questions to rest :)

You may be here ready to read a long list of why's and reasons, but y'all we didn't have them. We simply had 2 big reasons for choosing to get married just a little over 3 months after Ben popped the question. 

  1. We were ready. Plain and simple. We knew each other like the back of our hands, we had experienced basically every life stage together, we were best friends and we couldn't imagine going about life (for better or worse) without each other. We dated and ultimately made it through the good, the bad and the ugly. We talked about marriage all the time, we planned our future together, and most importantly, we were on the same page in every aspect of our dreams and plans. So after 10 years of loving each other we were ready to finally become husband and wife.
  2. When you know, you know, so why wait? This was always our answer. We didn't want to hold off getting married because we were both so excited to move in together, experience married life and never have to say 'see you later' at night ever again :) 

If you're sitting here reading this, have your hands raised and are about ready to start jumping up and down yelling, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" then here are just a few things to know before planning your short engagement:

  1. Availability of vendors. Most vendors book out a year to years in advance and may already be booked for your date. Try to be as flexible as you can be. If you're like us and only had one possible date available due to my schedule, then be ready to possibly be searching for available vendors. Thankfully, (and only truly by God's hand) we didn't run into a single must-have vendor being booked for our August 19th wedding date. Just be sure to contact them ASAP in order to hopefully book the ones who, to you guys, are the "must-have's".
  2. Look into having an unconventional wedding venue like in a backyard or at an airbnb. We actually had a front yard wedding at my family's house in the middle of nowhere. The ceremony was outside, the reception was under a tent and there's not a single thing I regret about it. Everything I envisioned came to life and it was just perfect even despite any little hiccups. These kind of weddings are my fave! (;
  3. Wedding dresses can't just be bought. Most wedding dresses aren't able to be bought right off the rack. They have to be purchased months to a year in advance in order to come in time for your big day. This not only limits your choices, but may also cause you to choose a dress you may otherwise wouldn't have because you don't have many options. Someday we will order that dream dress of mine, get dressed up and take pictures again.
  4. And last, but certainly not least... Stress. This is pretty explanatory for just about every wedding, but when you're planning one of the biggest days of your lives in a short amount of time tensions can definitely run high. For those of you who're photographers or who own your own businesses and can completely run your own schedules, I definitely recommend cutting down on the amount of shoots that you would normally take or the business you would normally take on. This is the one thing I regret. Instead, (knowing that we'd be a poor newlywed couple) I booked a crazy amount of portrait sessions in between the 9 weddings in a row that I shot from our engagement until our wedding day. To say I was stressed was a complete understatement. The money (and my sanity alone) wasn't worth it to me.

All we cared about was spending the rest of our lives together and saying our vows in front of our closest family and friends. That, we did, and it was one of the best days of our lives! If you feel like you're wanting a short engagement or are just entertaining the idea, I hope this helps you :) If you have any questions, feel free to email me or DM me! I would love to help!

All our love,

Ben + Maddie